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At Carryboy Ambulance, building handcrafted ambulances isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. For 39 years, our company has been family-owned and operated. Transitioning from one generation to the next, we have passed on our accumulated knowledge, experience and skills to become a leading ambulance manufacturer.

Ambulance Vehicle

Carryboy Ambulance, an emergency care unit for the future. Carryboy Ambulance is reliable, safe, comfortable with the latest technology and international standard approved health care equipments. Carryboy Ambulance also provids flexible space with better interior design.

360° images and Virtual Tours

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The more patient-friendly interior concept of VAN-ALS Ambulance's concept vehicle has soft lighting and artwork to help create a more relaxing atmosphere during a usually stressful situation.

Ambulance System Rack


Oxygen Cylinder Safety — International Standard

  • Every oxygen cylinders are tested for
    a top pressure of 225 bar.
  • We design the oxygen system and the electrical system apart.
  • Every oxygen tanks are filled with gas from the world standard organization. http://www.linde.com

Ambulance Size

The Modern Ambulance

Inside the ambulance, you can find a variety of medical equipment, including cardiac monitors, oxygen tanks and equipment. We have basically everything a high-level emergency room would have.

Specially designed shelters for emergency and disaster response.
Patient Room Capacity 8.9 cu.m.


We aim to provide our customers with cutting edge solutions that utilize the very latest technology. Development is at the forefront of our business strategy. One that offers maximum safety and a high level of security of investment, because each vehicle is designed to specifically address the needs of the patients, emergency teams and the organizational support service.

ABL-VAN-ALS designs offer uncompromising levels of safety, quality, efficiency and service. Our reputation for outstanding quality and value are well-known throughout the ambulance industry.
Carryboy Ambulance uses 3D CAD software to design the ambulance compartment. The design features a ’working wall’, a patient trolley in the centre of the vehicle and a moulded composite interior.

Equipment for Ambulances

Heart Save PED
HeartSave AED-M
DefiMonitor XD

Interior of Ambulance Van

We offer a variety of base vehicle models and wheelbases to suit the specific Patient Transport Services vehicle requirements of the customer.


Imagine a new vehicle that is designed to be more comfortable for passengers, has innovative safety features and has an interior that not only has ambient lighting and soft colors.
* Carryboy Ambulance. reserves the right to change or modify the amenities, interior, exterior and specification at any time without prior notice.
** All designs and techniques of the products have been protected by law; from patent and copyright. The imitator will be prosecuted.
*** The descriptions and illustrations show here are for information purpases only. Pictures may vary from actual unit.
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